And the hits just keep on coming: per CNN, Army Major General Michael T. Harrison, commander of U.S. Army Japan and I Corps (Forward), has been “suspended” pending an investigation into allegations that he failed to properly handle sexual assault claims.  The general’s official biography is here.


11 Responses to “USARJ commander “suspended” for alleged failure “to properly report and investigate allegations of sexual abuse””

  1. Charlie Gittins says:

    Another one bites the dust . . . .

  2. AFJAGCAPT says:

    I start with the caveat that I know nothing about this case or the propriety of Maj Gen Harrison’s actions. That said, with McCaskill blocking Lt Gen Helms 4-star nom for a clemency decision and now this, can we really say that CA’s have the discretion in fact that they are provided by the UCMJ. I have confidence that our flag officers are making the right call for the right reason in most cases, but they are being placed in a really untenable position when the exercise their statutory authority and are then treated this way. Maybe it is best to give this to someone else; the problem is that I think the JAGs are going to pretty frequently make the same calls and thus it will result in the same reactions all over again.

  3. ResIpsaLoquitur says:

    …crud.  I hope this isn’t going to become like the Air Force’s nuclear commands, where a low-level subordinate’s failure to put a sticker on the wrong device got you an “F” on your inspection and fired from your command.  (I think it was more complicated than that, but still….) 

  4. Craig Manson says:

    This subject (how sexual assaults are handled in the military) has become politicized beyond all reason. We may be seeing the initial stages of The Death of Military Justice (though I fervently hope not).

  5. Contract Lawyer says:

    This could be a UCI depending on the stage of any current actions.  
    Though seen as the possible death of mil just, this may result in more JAGs.

  6. Contract Lawyer says:

    If the CA’s 1105 authority is limited, how would pretrial agreements work?  Perhaps we develop a limit binding on MJs that the MJ may reject, but if rejected then the plea may be changed.  Plea bargains are part of most justice systems.  They don’t have to be, but without PTAs, we will need more JAGs.  This may mean more senior positions and more promotion opportunities.

  7. Lieber says:

    Well, there are fundamental flaws and disconnects in our system.  On one level, a GCMCA (or in some instances a SPCMA) could receive the initial allegation and direct no further investigation/action and be within his/her rights to do so under the UCMJ and AR 600-20 (I assume the other services have similar regulations).  At the same time we’ve got the chief of staff and TJAG telling Congress that all cases are properly investigated, trial counsels and SVPs always way in…etc.  well, both of these things can’t be true….and the reality is that unlimited command discretion is the current state of law and regulation.  
    It’s not just sex assaults, our entire system was built for conscription…not for a professional AVF. 

  8. Some Army Guy says:

    Well, since CID — not the command — is responsible for investigating sexual assaults, the facts of this one must be interesting.  I’ve never seen a GCMCA receive the initial report of a sexual assault.  I wonder what he (allegedly) did that prevented the allegations from being properly reported and investigated.

  9. Lieber says:

    GCMCAs receive CCIRs/SIRs (or just phone calls/emails from BDE commanders) all the time.  CID only knows about an assault allegation if someone tells them.

  10. Some Army Guy says:

    But that “someone” is rarely, if ever, the commanding general.  It’s usually the company commander.  Which is why I’m curious what the real facts are here — did the CG step in and prevent something from being reported?  Did he interfere with the investigation or lean on CID not to investigate?

  11. Lieber says:

    Totally speculating…maybe  he did nothing….and that’s the issue.  i.e. allegation comes in to company commander who reports it up but doesn’t call CID, and reports it up as probably false for whatever reason.  GCMCA gets the CCIR, has a sex assault withholding policy and then no one follows up.