WaPo reports, here, that former Vice Chair of the JCS, General James Cartwright is potentially a target of a DOJ investigation into the leak of classified invformation about the Israeli-US operation that led to the Stuxnet virus that destroyed Iranian cerntrifuges and set back Iran’s nuclear program. 

More updates on Air Force MTI cases, via Air Force Times here, an acquittal on aggravated sexual assault but conviction on lesser charges nets two years and another MTI goes to a special court-martial over inappropriate relationships.

SecDef Hagel met with the Sexual Assault Response Systems Review Panel yesterday, report from The Hill here and Armed Forces Press here.  The Panel was created by Sec. 576(a) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, see prior coverage here.

PFC Manning’s court-martial for disclosing classified materials to Wiki[shhh] continues with testimony that at least some of the released materials did actually contain classified material.  See AP report here (via Yahoo News).

The dying words of a victim in the Ft. Hood shootings may be admitted at trial ruled Army Judge Tara Osborn in the MAJ Nidal Hasan case. Reuters report here.  Opening statements in the case, in which Hasan is representing himself, could begin in early August.  Voir dire begins on July 9, 2013.

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