Today CAAF decided United States v. Brown, No. 13-0244/NA (opinion) (CAAFlog case page), finding that the military judge did not abuse his discretion under Military Rule of Evidence (M.R.E.) 611(a) when he allowed the victim advocate to sit next to AW during her testimony, affirming the NMCCA in a unanimous opinion authored by Chief Judge Baker.

Still undecided are LRM, and Salyer. Analysis of Brown to follow…

One Response to “And then there were two…”

  1. Cap'n Crunch says:

    CAAF is saving the best for last.  If Salyer doesn’t come back reversed, preferably with a sharp rebuke of TC’s actions, it is open season on military judge’s personnel files in the light of adverse rulings, and, implicitly, shakes at the very core of an independent military judiciary; and LRM is particularly interesting in light of the sexual assault uproar concerning the military.