1LT Clint Lorance faces a general-court martial for the alleged murder and unlawful targeting of Afghan civilians reports the Fayetteville Observer , here.  The first day of testimony in the case included several soldier’s testimony that they disagreed with their platoon leaders orders to shoot at the two civilians that were killed and other targets.

Sentencing coverage in the Manning case, here (WaPo), here (Reuters), and here (AP via the Boston Globe).

4 Responses to “Military Justice News for August 1, 2013”

  1. k fischer says:

    Lorance update.

  2. Some Army Guy says:

    Nice aggravation evidence:
    Carr’s group, known as the Information Release Task Force, was fully staffed by the beginning of August 2010 with 125 people and operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week through September 2010, when the group thought it had a handle on the information that had been released or might be released.

  3. Some Army Guy says:

    Re: Lorance
    I’m shocked with this case.  Not disappointed, but shocked.  While everyone complains about the ROE, the truth is that they’re under-enforced and action is rarely, if ever, taken against even the most blatant violators.

  4. Charlie Gittins says:

    So, how come I am not reading about the drone pilots being court-martialed who kill unarmed civilians?  People make bad decisions in combat; they make mistakes based on bad or incomplete information or their inability to correctly process it.  I wonder what the Government would have claimed if the Lieutenant was right, the guys were insurgents wearing bomb vests who got close enough to his troops to detonate and kill a bunch of Americans, but he didn’t order his troops to engage?.  He would have been blamed as an incompetent who didn’t do his job.  It’s time we got out of this shit hole war — there is NOTHING in or about Afghanistan worth losing another American for.  I have been there and I wouldn’t p— on the country if it was on fire.