At Ft. Hood the capital court-martial of MAJ Nodal Hasan begins. WaPo coverage here.

The PFC Manning sentencing continues, WaPo coverage here, with evidence of the harm/potential harm to national security caused by the offenses:

A senior U.S. official told a military court Monday that while he believed the leaking of a huge number of classified cables by Army Pfc. Bradley Manning had a chilling effect on diplomatic relations, the State Department never completed a formal damage assessment.

On Tuesday, Judge Denise Lind ruled on multiplicity for sentencing motions and reduced Manning’s potential maximum sentence to 90 years, ABC News report here.

Coverge of the Hutchins case out of San Diego and his release fromLeavenworth after winning at CAAF, San Diego Union Tribune here and LA Times here.

Members selection in the sexual assault case of BG Jeffrey Sinclair continues this week.  See FayObs here.

Former Marine JA and Deputy Asst SecDef for Detainee Affairs Willaim Lietzau has some candid comments on Gitmo in the Daily Mail, here.

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