PFC Bradley Manning makes an unsworn statement at his sentencing causing the largest ever use of the heart emoticon on Twitter. Coverage here (AP via USA Today) and here (NPR).

The BG Jeffrey Sinclair court has members. Selection was completed last week and a trial start date has been set for Sep. 30. WaPo report here on what we may start calling the Poppa Panda Sexy Pants court-martial. Members selection report here (FayObs).

The Austin American Statesman has this report on yesterday’s proceedings in the MAJ Nidal Hasan court martial. And in possibly one of the oddest rulings you’ll see, apparently prosecutors now can’t read about their own case (this post may even be off limits):

Military judge Col. Tara Osborn will not give prosecutors access to a mental health evaluation that Maj. Nidal Hasan has already released to the media, ruling that Hasan’s mental state has not been introduced as an issue in the ongoing court-martial.

Wednesday morning, Hasan had agreed to release the military sanity board report to prosecutors. Over the last week he has released several pages of the 49-page report to Fox News and the New York Times. Osborn ordered prosecutors not to download available copies from the Internet.

Additonal coverage from the LA Times here.

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