The Hasan trial rolls on at Ft. Hood. And CNN, here, and others wonder if Hasan is just trying to become a martyr for his “cause” as he sits potted plant like acting as his own attorney in hos court martial. Stars and Stripes coverage of yesterday’s highlights here.

Closing arguments in the PFC Manning sentencing phase wereheld yesterday. Coverage here (WaPo) and here (AP via Military judge, Colonel Denise Lind, will now determine Manning’s sentence.

The SSGT Robert Bales contested sentencing hearing gets underway at Joint Base Lewis-McChord this week. Tacoma News-Tribune report here. With the death penalty off the table for the murders of 16 Afghan civilians, and a mandatory life sentence, the only issue for members to decide is life with or without a chance of parole.

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  1. Babu says:

    Weirick is on the cover of this week’s Marine Corps Times, complete with official photo and the headline “The Whistlebolower.”  The story reveals new aspects to the UCI claim, to include alleged UCI directed against the MCCDC SJA.  It keeps getting more insane.  Link here.