For the sixth year in a row we will count down the top ten military justice stories of the past twelve months. Lists from prior years are filed under “Annual Reports” at the top of the page, in the “Year in Review” section.

Any such list is bound to be at least a little bit controversial, but this year’s list practically has controversy as its theme.

2013 was a year of controversy for the military justice system. The politicization of the military’s response to sexual assault, our #1 story of 2012, continued this year with hearings, proposals, and in the last days of the year, significant changes to the UCMJ. Various high-profile cases caught and kept the media’s attention, with one of them adding another name to the short roster of the military’s death row. And while many court-martial prosecutions were successful, others were undone by a whistleblower, a prosecutor with access to a judge’s personnel records, and a commander who didn’t think the evidence added up.

But here at CAAFlog we’re not afraid of controversy, and over then next few days we’ll review the biggest stories (and controversies) of 2013.

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