If we based our Top 10 Military Justice Stories of 2013 on what our readers viewed, what would the list look like?  That thought occurred to me as we were haggling and disagreeing over the contributors Top 10 list.  So I thought I’d share with you, the  Top 10 Posts of 2013 (as ranked by number of readers that clicked or navigated to the post).

10.  This post on the Wilkerson case victim’s interview on the Today Show starts us off as the 10th most read post of 2013.

9.   And more Wilkerson case coverage comes in at number 9.

8.   And even more Wilkerson coverage makes the top 10, as Senators get involved.

7.   And in the middle of the Wilkerson firestorm, the Air Force SAPR office head’s arrest on alleged sexual assault charges made this post #7.

6.   And this post on media coverage of the DoD sexual assault report numbers rounds out the bottom five of our most read stories of 2013.

So that brings us to the top 5, which don’t look much different in content than the previous 5.

5.  We covered SecDef’s attempt to roll back potential UCI in sexual assault cases created by President Obama’s comments.

4.  And then people actually read my rant on how bad the media and the Hill were doing with the facts in the sexual assault issue.

3.  And then we paused for something different–though the salacious details of the Salyer case made the Salyer decision post a readable decision.

2.  And then back to the sexual assault issue, or at least stories brought about by the sexual assault issue, with the NDAA compromise bill military justice changes; where Zee provided thorough analysis of the changes.

And there we have it 1-9.  So, with that list what post do you think was our most read military justice post of 2013 . . .

1.  What else, the Wilkerson case and our coverage/release of the actual Wilkerson Art. 60 decision.

I hope you enjoyed 2013 here on our little blog that could.  Now, for a real change of pace, the story that we think is the top military justice story of 2013.

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