Here are links to two news stories by McClatchy reporter Michael Doyle about United States v. MacDonald, No. 14-0001/AR (CAAFlog case page):

CAAF is reviewing two issues in MacDonald:

I. Whether the Army Court of Criminal Appeals erred in determining that the military judge’s error in quashing a subpoena issued to Pfizer, Inc., to produce relevant and necessary documents regarding clinical trials, adverse event reports, and post-market surveillance of the drug varenicline was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.

II. Whether the military judge abused his discretion in denying a defense requested instruction on involuntary intoxication, and erred in failing to instruct the members on the effect of intoxication on appellant’s ability to form specific intent and premeditation.

My argument preview will post tomorrow morning.

Case Links:
• ACCA opinion
• Blog post: CAAF to explore the bounds of possible drug-induced psychosis
• Appellant’s Brief
• Appellee’s (Government) Brief
• Blog post: Media coverage of United States v. MacDonald, No. 14-0001/AR

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