The Supreme Court denied certiorari in Katso v. United States, No. 14-5008 (CAAFlog case page).

Case Links:
AFCCA opinion
Blog post: A significant confrontation clause decision from the AFCCA
Blog post: CAAF grants USACIL additional time to file an amicus brief in Katso
Appellant’s (Government) brief
Appellee’s brief
Amicus brief (Defense Forensic Science Center / U.S. Army Criminal Investigation)
Blog post: Argument preview
Oral argument audio
• CAAF opinion
Blog post: Opinion analysis
Petition for certiorari
• Government’s response in opposition to petition for certiorari
Petitioner’s reply
• Blog post: Certiorari denied

One Response to “Certiorari denied in Katso”

  1. Reader says:

    For the legions of readers who’ve wondered whether there exists, in the vast expanse of the internets, a blog devoted entirely to the confrontation clause, the answer is yes. It’s run by Katso’s counsel, Professor Richard Friedman of Michigan Law. The Confrontation Blog. Good resource.