According to this CNN report, PFC Manning – who pleaded guilty to some offenses and was convicted of others in connection with the mishandling of classified material, and who received a sentence that included confinement for 35 years – was hospitalized yesterday after an apparent suicide attempt.

Readers may recall that Manning bitterly protested being placed in a suicide watch status while in pretrial confinement (some discussions here and here and here), and received 112 days of extra credit due to the conditions of the pretrial confinement.

For a good overview of the Manning case, see our #3 Military Justice Story of 2013 and our high-profile case page.

5 Responses to “PFC Manning hospitalized after reported suicide attempt”

  1. Burt Macklin says:

    Pretty sure he/she is no longer a PFC. 

  2. Concerned Defender says:

    He was reduced to E1, Private.  Apparently he also didn’t take well to the news that the FBI wasn’t going to prosecute Hillary.  
    In the FBI statement, Comey essentially said she broke the law and lied, and others would be prosecuted but not Hillary.  I, too, would have been quite disheartened if I had been PVT Manning, spending the next 30 years in prison for doing arguably similar criminality as Hillary (who has far greater sophistication, responsibility, document access, resources, and knowhow, etc.). 
    For an interesting side-by-side comparison of Hillary’s statements vs. FBI Comey’s assessment (which puzzlingly didn’t result in charges) see this link:
    If only PVT Manning was a Clinton s/he’d be a free bird. 

  3. Admiral Ripley says:

    Wikipedia indicates Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy, so it appears that his intent was not malicious. As the Drudge Report headline blared under a picture of a smiling Hillary yesterday: Laws Are For Little People.
    Will we see a mass resignation of FBI officers, similar to the mass exodus of CAAFLOGers after Joe Arpaio alleged forgery and fraud in obama’s identity documents?

  4. Stackhouse says:

    She…not he.

  5. Concerned Defender says:

    “He” was convicted and sentenced including reduction.  Now “She” was/is hospitalized for a suicide attempt.