Here is CNN coverage of POTUS’s early morning tweet paraphrasing Fox News coverage of a Private Manning article, here, that was critical of President Obama for being insufficiently progressive. The tweet reads:

Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!

Just in case you were wondering, I have not found anything that specifically prohibits raising UCI at any point in the court-martial process. Any thoughts on UCI over the post-trial process? H/t LM

29 Responses to “POTUS Weighs in on Manning Case While Appeal is Still Pending”

  1. Zachary D Spilman says:

    Call me when the commutation is rescinded.

  2. Holly Gennaro says:

    POTUS should not tweet about Chelsea.  He doesn’t know her!  He doesn’t know where she’s been.  She owes the outgoing POTUS no loyalty.
    I speak from experience!  After my lunatic husband John saved me from German terrorists in LA, then ensured my plane landed safely in Washington DC by blowing up naked tai chi expert COL Stuart’s airplane, I divorced him because I had my reasons.  Who cares that he saved my life twice?   You don’t know me.  You don’t know what it was like to be married to him.  I don’t owe him any loyalty.
    So, I only have one thing to say to Chelsea:  You go girl!

  3. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Commutation ends your sentence. Appellate review has the potential to wipe conviction away.

  4. Zachary D Spilman says:

    Appellate review has the potential to wipe conviction away.

    Not, presumably as relates the this issue, the offenses to which Manning pleaded guilty.

  5. Defense Hack says:

    Judge Ryan was on POTUS’ not-so-short short list of potential SCOTUS nominees, right?

  6. stewie says:

    Didn’t read the article as a complaint about Obama not being progressive enough so much as an argument that compromise is useless when the other side takes a no prisoners approach.
    On that I agree with him. Republicans and conservatives have zero interest in compromise, they want to win. That sets them up as “winners.”  Dems and liberals want to find common ground, we don’t play to win. That sets us up as “losers.”  Time to emulate the right, they get it.
    As for UCI, it’s dead as it stands to presidential words and actions. Maybe if a low level commander does something egregious, otherwise, the system is never going to let dozens or more cases be seriously affected because of anything the President says or does.

  7. DCGoneGalt says:

    Common ground.
    Thanks, I needed a hearty chuckle.

  8. Short Memory says:

    Surely, you are joking.  Neither side has been open to compromise for years (if not a couple decades).  Contrarian politics is practically reflexive for them now.  Obama’s mocking, “I won” comments in 2009 and subsequent “elections have consequences” chiding in 2013 hardly set the tone for bipartisan cooperation.  Trump’s blusters about imaginary mandates ring similarly.  Progressives and conservatives are equally closed-minded to any point of view but their own…and they are both willing to (and followed through with) run roughshod over the opposition when they have the power to do so.

  9. Vulture says:

    Brad.  Asshole!

  10. Concerned Defender says:

    On that I agree with him. Republicans and conservatives have zero interest in compromise, they want to win. That sets them up as “winners.”  Dems and liberals want to find common ground, we don’t play to win. That sets us up as “losers.”  Time to emulate the right, they get it.

    Might be one of the stupidest things I’ve read today.   The Obama years capture a lot of adjectives, and “compromise” is not one of them.  Mr. Obama had a “pen and a phone.”  Thankfully Mr. Trump has an eraser and a Constitution.  

  11. DCGoneGalt says:

    My theory remains that Stewie and Concerned Defender are the same person.

  12. stewie says:

    Nah, DCGG, I’d be more clever about it. Pretty easy to parrot a right wing nutjob…AND make it funny.

  13. Vulture says:

    Words we expect people to put together:
    Vulture- Tasty, ass.
    Words we do not expect people to put together:
    President- Eraser, Constitution.

  14. DCGoneGalt says:

    stewie:  If you could pull that off then you should get Colbert Report money.

  15. TC says:

    CD, compromise is not an adjective.

  16. stewie says:

    DCGG, I said funny, not hilarious. There’s degrees there.

  17. Concerned Defender says:

    TC says:
    January 27, 2017 at 12:51 PM  

    CD, compromise is not an adjective.

    Um, isn’t that what I said?  Thanks for backing me up.  I do know that compromise is a verb, or a noun….  Sometimes I wonder about folks. 

  18. TC says:

    CD, far be it from me to dispute your alternative facts.  The biggest crowd in history saw you say that compromise is not an adjective.

  19. Vulture says:

    The Queen conceived.  An idea shocking everyone.
    The Queen conceived and idea, shocking everyone.
    The Queen conceived an idea shocking everyone.
    The Queen conceived and idea.  Shocking, everyone.
    CD is correct.  Placement of the comma puts everything after ‘and’ in the appositive.

  20. Concerned Defender says:

    Pettiness on full display even here, with attempts of grammar-Nazism.  It’s gonna be a very long 8+ years for the snowflakes.  This place and elsewhere on social media has the bed-wetters of America who literally ignored Obama shredding the Constitution and lying and stonewalling massive issues, now losing their collective minds over issues of zero consequence.  I. Love. It.

  21. DCGoneGalt says:

    cd (and, let’s face it . . . you’re probably probably actually stewie setting up controlled opposition):  It’s called schadenfreude, and I too am experiencing it as I watch the hysterical bed-wetting (including most of my fellow JAGs) as many of our self-appointed socially enlightened sultans get the vapors and head to the fainting couches.  As I listen to their daily whining about Fascism and “literally Hitler” I am reminded of the poetic words of former President Obama in 2009, “Elections have consequences.  I won.”  True dat.  More fitting words may never have been spoken.  That pen and that phone didn’t have an expiration date!
    With that being said, the word compromise isn’t an adjective. Just blame it on the comment box on this site being Hell on an iPhone and we’ll let it go.

  22. Anonymous poster fka k fischer says:

    “Conciliatory” which is an adjective.  Pretty clear what he meant.  Once again, there are two types of people in this world: Those who can understand the point with missing or technically incorrect information. 
    And, I really appreciate all of you Government attorneys commenting on CAAFlog during the duty day.  Seeing how you are on my payroll, get back to work!

  23. jagaf says:

    @ap fka kf…Earlier this week you paid me to spend an hour learning how to use 6 different types of fire extinguishers. CAAFLOG is definitely a better investment of your tax dollars.

  24. Concerned Defender says:

    Eh, I care not to debate semantics and grammar nonsense.  The military and legal profession are full of ninnies who are probably compensating for personal “short comings” and focus on form over substance routinely.  I care not.  When pressed, I’ve always demonstrated myself far smarter or more “squared away” than the morons.  
    True story.  On a Christmas no less, in a combat zone, while walking with my paralegal to the chow hall for Christmas dinner, it was cold out.  My E4 paralegal donned his older “non-authorized” black watch cap (not the arbitrarily current green watch cap).  He was cold.  It was a cold day.  And a long walk.  Some A$$HAT CSM crossed our path, and chewed him out, in front of me, for having the audacity of wearing an out of favor black watchcap.  Oh, the horror!  You’d think he insulted the General himself.  I stood there, fuming at this CSM, who failed to salute me, and I spotted no fewer than 2 other uniform infractions…  
    Do. The. Math.  

  25. k fischer says:

    That is a good investment.  This training was obviously required by DoD after the Ft. Benning OSJA burnt to the ground by an arsonist whose MySpace name was “Firestarter.”.

  26. k fischer says:

    Question.  Is jagaf an acronym for JAG Air Force, or JAG as f#@k?  Get back to work, Z!!!!!!  I know that’s you!!!!

  27. jagaf says:

    @kf, why would I want to spoil the fun by answering that?

  28. k fischer says:

    Are you BoredAF, as well?