The Silver CAAF Tongue award, while lacking physical manifestation, is a life-changing honor bestowed upon the attorney who argued the most cases at CAAF during the term. Past winners can be seen here.

This term’s winner is Major Jonathan D. Legg of the Air Force Appellate Defense Division, who argued five cases at CAAF: Bowen, Carter, Dalmazzi, Fetrow, and Oliver. 

It is the fifth year in a row that an Air Force attorney wins the award.

Congratulations to Major Legg!

4 Responses to “Jonathan D. Legg wins the 2016 Term Silver CAAF Tongue”

  1. The Silver Fox says:


  2. Bill Cassara says:

    As a former co-winner, I can attest that he has no idea how much his life is about to change. 

  3. Isaac Kennen says:

    Congrats Jon!

  4. Party Planner says:

    An outstanding job well done in all 5 arguments.