Audio of today’s oral arguments at CAAF is available on CAAF’s website at the following links:

United States v. Smith, No. 18-0211/AR (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

United States v. Perkins, No. 18-0365/MC (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

The audio is also available here, on our oral argument audio podcast (announced here).

Note: For the podcast, I processed the audio of these arguments with a dynamic normalizer filter to boost the volume of the quiet segments of the argument. Put differently, I increased the volume to a consistently-loud level.

One Response to “CAAF Argument Audio: Smith & Perkins”

  1. Vulture says:

    So after all that I wrote about the stale music industry finding a twin in military justice, you go full auto-tune on me.
    I can take a hint.