Today CAAF issued this guidance:

Per the Court’s standing guidance, if the Office of Personnel Management ( announces that federal offices in the Washington, DC, area are closed, the Court will also be closed. In that eventuality, pleadings due on any closure days will be considered timely if filed on the next day the Court is open.

Specifically in view of public health concerns and the current COVID-19 pandemic, if federal offices in Washington remain open, by order of the Chief Judge, the following guidance and order pertains:

The hearings scheduled for 16 and 17 March, 2020, will be held as scheduled. In accordance with our constitutional obligation to maintain open courts, the Court will not, absent exceptional circumstances, prevent anyone from entering the hearing. With that said, individuals who do not have a professional need to be present are requested to seriously consider whether the public interest would be better served by remaining away from the hearings. Consistent with past practice, and absent any unforeseen technical difficulty, the audio recording of these hearings will be posted to the Court’s website the same day.

(emphasis in original).

3 Responses to “CAAF releases coronavirus guidance”

  1. Shawn says:

    The sky is falling.

  2. Richard Johnson says:

    Of course the sky is falling.  Just look at how the liberal media has made this an extreme problem in all media.
    -Richard Johnson

  3. stewie says:

    Soooo…given a week has past, y’all still plying that liberal media line or taking things a wee bit more seriously now?

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