CAAFlog » Silver CAAF Tongue » 2008 Term Winner

It was almost inevitable that this year’s Silver CAAF Tongue Award for the most oral arguments would go to a naval judge advocate, since CAAF issued opinions of the Court in 21 Navy and Marine Corps cases, compared to 12 each for the Army and Air Force and one for the Coast Guard.  And for the third year in a row (as long as we’ve been keeping track), first place goes to an appellate government counsel.  Well, actually two appellate government counsel.  LCDR Paul Bunge, JAGC, USN, and Maj Elizabeth Harvey, USMC, led the herd with four CAAF oral arguments apiece. 

Congratulations to LCDR Bunge and Maj Harvey — though, unlike the Golden CAAF, no physical manifestation of this award actually exists.

The civilian counsel with the most oral arguments this term was Mary Hall, with two.