CAAFlog » Silver CAAF Tongue » 2009 Term Winner

When I crunched the Silver CAAF Tongue Award numbers, I overlooked the oral argument in United States v. Moore, No. 09-5005, which resulted in a summary disposition.  Once Moore is added to the mix, my former colleague Maj Marla Gillman ties Maj Coretta Gray as this year’s Silver CAAF Tongue Award winner.  Congratulations to Maj Gillman, our first-ever appellate defense winner.

I’ve begun crunching end o’ term numbers. 

This is the fourth year that we’ve noted the member of CAAF’s bar who argued the most cases during the term.  In all four years, that counsel came from JAJG (two years) or Code 46 (two years).  This term’s Silver CAAF Tongue Award winner is the estimable Maj Coretta Gray, who appeared for the government at 4 of CAAF’s 43 oral arguments this year.

Congratulations to Maj Gray — though, unlike the Golden CAAF, there’s no physical manifestation of this award.