CAAFlog » Silver CAAF Tongue » 2011 Term Winner

In a term when CAAF heard only 35 oral argumetns, Maj Jeff Liebenguth, USMC, of Code 45 argued five of those cases (Norwood, Watson, Stewart, Hayes, Bradley).  (Maj Liebenguth’s last name is misspelled, however, in both the Bradley slip opinion on CAAF’s website and in West’s Military Justice Reporter See United States v. Bradley, 71 M.J. 13, 14 (C.A.A.F. 2012).)  He is this year’s hands down winner of the Silver CAAF Tongue Award.

Last term’s Silver CAAF tongue winners had only three oral arguments each.  The previous term’s winner had four.  The 2008 term’s co-winners also had four.  But the previous year’s winner — then-Major Brian Keller — had six.

As we’ve noted in the past, unlike the Golden CAAF, which results in the bestowal of an actual trophy to the winner, there is no physical manifestation of the Silver CAAF Tongue Award.  But it is, of course, a life-changing honor.

The member of CAAF’s civilian bar with the most arguments was our very own Mary o’ St. Mary’s Hall, with two (Stanley, Winckelmann).