CAAFlog » Silver CAAF Tongue » 2012 Term Winner

We award the Silver CAAF Tongue to the appellate counsel who argued the most cases at CAAF during the term.

Two errors in my case-tracking spreadsheet caused me to miscount, and I originally had Mr. William Cassara as the sole winner, with four oral arguments: Gaskins, Squire, Garner, and Vazquez.

But there are two winners this year. Major Tyson Kindness of the Air Force Appellate Government Division also argued four cases: Cote, Datavs, Vazquez, and LRM (for the United States).

My deepest apologies to Major Kindness for my error.

Notably, Major Kindness and Mr. Cassara faced-off in the certified case of United States v. Vazquez, No. 12-5002/AF, (opinion) (CAAFlog case page), with Major Kindness’ argument prevailing.

A four seven-way tie for second place is shared by Captain Michael Berry (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense), Captain Kenneth Borgnino (Army Appellate Government), Lieutenant David Dziengowski (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense), Captain Brandon H. Iriye (Army Appellate Defense), Major William Kirby (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate  Government), Captain Brian Mason (Air Force Appellate Government), and Major David Roberts (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Government). Each argued three cases this term.

Congratulations to all.