CAAFlog » Silver CAAF Tongue » 2018 Term Winner

The Silver CAAF Tongue award, while lacking physical manifestation, is a life-changing honor bestowed upon the attorney who argued the most cases at CAAF during the term. Past winners can be seen here.

Most years there is a single winner. This year there are five winners, each of whom argued three cases at CAAF:

  • Michael T. Bunnell of the Air Force Appellate Government Division,
  • Sandra Ahinga of the Army Appellate Government Division,
  • Natanyah Ganz and of the Army Appellate Government Division,
  • Steven Dray of the Army Appellate Defense Division, and
  • Robert Feldmeier, Esq.

Major Bunnell’s inclusion marks the seventh year in a row that an Air Force attorney wins the award.

Congratulations to all.